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166 Archer Ave. LLC v. NYC Health & Hospitals Corp.

(NYC Civil Court, NY County, 10/26/2010)

In this action, 166 Archer Ave sought to recover several months rent erroneously withheld by the New York City Health and Hospitals Corporation ("NYC-HHC") for a premises used and occupied for a NYC-HHC medical clinic. NYC-HHC claimed that certain damages to the building were a result of debris build-up on the premises. As a result, NYC-HHC claimed entitlement to a rent reduction and withheld rent. We successfully proved at trial that that the terms of the Lease clearly dictate that it was NYC-HHC responsibility to maintain the premises and remove any debris. Furthermore, the Court found that 166 Archer Ave completed any and all required repairs to the premises. Thus, the Court rendered a decision completely in favor of 166 Archer Ave Co. and against NYC-HHC for the full amounts owed.
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