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Vacated All 21 Commercial Tenants in Manhattan Commercial Building So Renovation Could Commence

August 2014 

In December 2013, a developer purchased a commercial building on 5th Avenue between 27th and 28th Street in Manhattan, which was previously in receivership. The developer’s renovation plans included a complete overhaul of the ground floor, which required that all twenty-one of the commercial tenants vacate the building.  Upon being retained, Itkowitz PLLC commenced negotiations with all of the tenants.  We caused seventeen of the twenty-one tenants to leave by the end of February 2014 without any litigation.  We commenced litigation against the remainder of the tenants. Using a combination of negotiation and litigation and working closely with a very astute owner, we caused the remaining tenants to vacate the building by the end of July 2014, completely clearing the building of tenants and allowing the renovation to proceed -- 8 months after beginning the project!  This is a record, even by our own standards.  

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