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Caused the Vacatur of a Residential Tenant Violating Lease With Short Term Sublets

December 2014 -- Itkowitz PLLC represented a major New York City managing agent in this matter involving a residential tenant who was illegally subletting an apartment as a short-term rental destination, and/or for paid, public parties.  Tenant embarked on this course when she moved to California and the owner of the building refused to let her out of her lease early.  

For several months, there were large groups and loud, raucous parties in the apartment.  Strangers were admitted to the building by the illegal subtenants and they wandered the hallways.  

We managed to end the subletting and get the tenant to leave without litigation.  We explained to the tenant, with a very detailed letter and subsequent negotiations, what the consequences of her actions would be.  We explained that she was endangering her former neighbors and subjecting herself to liability.  Moreover, we explained that if she could not ensure that all subtenants and/or occupants were out of Apartment by the lease expiration date, then she would not be off the hook when the lease ended. 

Tenant stopped the illegal subletting, paid her rent until the end of the lease, and vacated peacefully.

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