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Itkowitz PLLC's Rent Stabilization Due Diligence for Multi-Family Acquisitions, Sales, Lending, and Pre-Litigation

May 25, 2016. This is the one year anniversary of Michelle Itkowitz launching her rent regulatory due diligence product.  Since that time, she has done about fifty of these gigs.

If a building has tenants, those tenants are vital to the building’s future -- either because the tenants are the building’s source of revenue that needs to be maximized or because the tenants must be relocated for the building’s future.  Therefore, Michelle began consulting with clients and she calls the work "Rent Stabilization Due Diligence".

You hire an engineer to make sure the building is not going to fall down.  However, a multi-family building is so much more than bricks and mortar.  Indeed, we can look at a building and see it in a way that an engineer, architect or transactional lawyer cannot – we see the tenancies at the heart of the building and any problems that come with them.

We charge a very low FLAT rate for this service.  You are provided with a lengthy and understandable report - see a sample contained in this booklet.  The process is also interactive, not a one-shot deal.  We help you form a plan for the building’s future.

We refer to the process as “Due Diligence”, but we can perform the analysis before a contract is entered into, during a due diligence period, or after a property is purchased.  We have performed this service for purchasers, sellers, owners, and lenders. 

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